come watch as I plan my OWN WEDDING!

Wedding Date: May 11, 2013

Theme: Modern/Romantic/Bling

Location: Sunset Ranch, Pupkea HI

This time it is my turn to feel what all of you brides are feeling on the crazy and amazing time of planning the most important day of our lives. It is so much fun to just imagine ourselves in our dress walking down the aisle not even worrying about anything but the man standing before us…BUT then there is the journey that leads us to all of the details, food, expenses, etc etc that give us what is know as our wedding day. I am so glad I can experience this time at the start of career because I know now that are some things certain brides just cant help but stress over, I am right there with you. But I also have the tools and knowledge to help you and everyone else involved through these stresses and make them something to laugh about one day. I want you to enjoy every step and process that is planning the most important day of your life..besides maybe having your children. But we put so much thought into it must be perfect that sometimes certain brides loose sight of that it IS are marrying your prince charming, your night in shining armor, the love of your life…that is WHAT IS PERFECT!

So here is my inspiration for my wedding..I hope you will see what comes of it when MAY 11 rolls around.wed1wed2wed3wed5


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