Rosella & Dane

Rosella & Dane Wedding

July 23, 2012

(Kualoa Ranch)

Dane and Rosella were wonderful to work with, her love of purple and his love for fun made their event a magical and care-free time for all. The theme we went off of was rustic with hints of modern, the feel of a lounge with touches of the country and a comfortable atmosphere was the goal. How we did this was made it very pretty but with simple purple napkins and a nice white lounge area by the dance floor, and adding in rustic bird cages and a wine cork board for the name cards. It flowed great and was nothing too over the top but everything they had dreamt of and more.

“So many guests came and told me this was the most beautiful wedding they had EVER been to, we just kept having to tell ourselves this is OUR WEDDING, this is OUR WEDDING.” -Rosella

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